Artificial Grass helps Coventry FC stay in the game

Coventry City FC and Wasps RFC share the Ricoh Arena’s pitch as well as all the many stadium events that are hosted there.

To maintain the pitch and keep it in good shape as a playing surface for football and rugby Ricoh’s management team have invested heavily in artificial grass technology.

The pitch is a hybrid of natural grass planted on a complex base that incorporates irrigation and strengthening fibres to make sure the grass can withstand the rigours of football and rugby games.

Many people are now considering artificial grass in Coventry as an alternative to a traditional grass surface.

Landscaping plan for the next year

After a long hot summer, the days are cooling and nights are drawing in. In the garden the flowers are fading and the leaves will soon start to fall. For many people Autumn is their favourite season and they look forward to the winter months using the time to plan their garden for next Spring and Summer.

Now is a really good time to tackle any hard landscaping projects that have been brewing in the back of your mind. Perhaps a pond to attract more wildlife or some raised beds to grow herbs or veggies or even a new patio area to take advantage of the evening sun and enjoy sharing your garden with family and friends.

You may have a full-blown plan in mind or just the initial seeds but the next step would be to find a local firm that offer full landscaping in Solihull who can do the hard work for you so that you can start to plan the planting for your outdoor space.

Making the most of a small space

Artificial Grass in the Allergy Season

In these first days of British summer this year, it’s tempting to run straight into the garden and breathe in the fresh air. But what about those of us with seasonal allergies?

Warm weather and blooming plants bring an array of difficulties to allergy sufferers, from tree pollen to grass, seasonal allergies can mean missing out on having fun in the sun together. If you begin to spot signs of allergies, keep a note of the time of year and the duration the symptoms last, this can help narrow down the cause of the reaction.

As many as 40% of British children will suffer from hay fever, so it’s important to understand the steps you can take to manage it; checking pollen counts and the weather forecast, washing pollen out of your hair and clothes at night, keeping windows closed when mowing the lawn, or alternatively investing in an artificial lawn.

Artificial lawns not only provide an allergy free alternative to natural grass, they are also extremely low maintenance, mud free and safe with an underlay shock padding available for gardens with climbing equipment.

To find out how an Artificial Lawn in Coventry can benefit your family, contact Eric Barker Landscapes.

Making the most of a small space

Just because your garden isn’t acres in size, doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the professional designs of a landscape gardener.

There are many hacks to making your small space look and feel as stunning as a country house garden. Even with a petite patch of green, creative and unique planters can make your garden fit for Instagram.

For a garden with just a patio, pots are your friends. By adding layers of different sizes terracotta or plastic planters, with any range of greenery from flowers to tomatoes, you can create your own natural privacy wall of luscious green vegetation.

Adding climbers to a small but vertical garden is a really clever use of space. Get away from traditional plain fencing by adding a trellis to your fence and intertwine any range of climbers for a natural feeling fence.

For more tips on livening up your small space, talk to the Landscapers in Leamington from Eric Barker Landscapes.

Artificial Grass in Leamington

The RHS are predicting that as climate change affects UK gardens more and more gardeners will be turning to artificial grass to replace their traditional lawns. Our weather is likely to become warmer and wetter but with drier summers. Artificial grass is the ideal solution for these types of conditions and had been developed to be child and pet friendly, low maintenance and is being used more and more by sporting associations. Call for more advice on Landscaping in Warwick.

Increasing threat of Knotweed

There are some plants that you just don’t want to see in your garden and one of these is the Japanese Knotweed which was brought into the UK back in 1825. Where it grows on the mountainside in Japan the shallow soil prevents it from growing too large but in the UK it can spread and grow very quickly, reaching a height of around 7.1m and spreading 7m.

Network Rail were taken to court by a group of householders in South Wales whose gardens had been infiltrated by the plant which was growing along the embankments. The court ruled the Network Rail should pay compensation for the damage caused by the plant. This is currently under review but demonstrates the problems that this plant can cause.

Digging out the plant is difficult as the roots can be 3m deep and any part of the rhizomes left behind will shoot. This also causes a problem with disposing of the plant as it is considered to be hazardous waste and must be taken to a licensed waste carrier. It must not be put in your normal garden waste collection.

Employing an established and experienced company that offers a full landscaping service in Coventry service will mean that they have experience in dealing with this type of problem.

Land drainage in Warwick

The very first question that will need to be asked will be “Is the site built upon a flood plane”, because if it is then this might be an ongoing problem. Generally we are able to dig irrigation trenches around the area in question, allowing the water to flow out through drainage pipes which will be placed underground. Call for more information.

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) is considering investing in the installation of 100 artificial grass pitches across England during the next 4 years.

As part of its Rugby World Cup legacy plan the RFU plan to increase the opportunities for enthusiasts to play rugby throughout the country.

Clubs and local communities that have seen their membership grow but are having difficulty fulfilling the demand created by the numbers of players on their turf pitches due to the pressure on the natural turf, have been selected to benefit from the provision of an artificial grass pitch.

A feasibility study is currently being undertaken at Penrith Rugby Club to ascertain whether the location is viable. Artificial grass is an increasingly popular choice for domestic and commercial applications, Eric Barker Landscaping are experienced at installing artificial grass in Coventry.

Thames Garden bridge

An ambitious new landmark is shortly to be built linking the North and South Banks of the River Thames in London. The actress Joanna Lumley came up with the idea of The London Garden Bridge in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales. A charitable trust was set up to raise the estimated £175,000,000 needed to build the bridge. Over £145,000,000 has already been pledged and the project has the full backing of the London Mayor and London Transport. Construction is due to start later this year with completion in 2018.

The bridge has been designed by Thomas Heatherwick (Hon FRIBA), and over 78% of London residents support the idea of constructing a new footbridge over the Thames between the North and South Banks. The bridge will be 366 metres long, completely free to use and will provide a transport free, safe environment for crossing the river, surrounded by beautiful trees and plants.

The London Garden Bridge will not only be a new tourist attraction but will allow tourists and commuters alike a way to cross the Thames safe from the traffic and also benefit from a more natural environment, surrounded by the calming effect of trees and plants. The bridge will provide many areas for people to spend time, relax and absorb the surroundings.

With over 2,500 sq metres of garden, containing 270 trees and 100,000 perennials, grasses, ferns, annuals and bulbs planned, the aftercare and practicalities of construction and maintenance have all been taken into account. The bridge design allows for considerable soil depth. This means the trees and shrubs will be able to thrive. Soil scientists and other experts have all been consulted concerning the possible problems with the unique environment and needs of the plants and they are confident the plants will do well.

The garden has been designed by an experienced team of Horticulturalists headed by Dan Pearson, an award winning designer, who trained at the RHS Wisley and Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. The plants, shrubs and trees have been chosen for their suitability for planting on the Garden Bridge. It is anticipated that the garden will bring a rich biodiversity of wildlife and natural landscaping directly to the centre of London. For help and advice on how to improve your garden or landscaping in Solihull and Leamington call Eric Barker today.

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